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lee van cleef blows a tire

i have to admit. sometimes, i think I am a badass.

Lately, I've been working with someone who has a work model that I think is pretty cool. You should attempt to work with other people who are good workers. Do not work with people who are not team players and don't contribute to the success of the project. Now this seems pretty common sense, but then there is reality.

The reality is that when we run into someone who we don't wish to work with, there are several ways to deal with it:
1) stop going to their meetings
2) request reassignment from that task
3) get that person removed.

Let's talk about item #3. This one is interesting to me cause I just got a piece of this. There was a process of negative feedback which culminated in a termination. This part is not as interesting as the terminating part.

On monday (today) employee X showed up for work. WTF??? Employee X had been terminated on friday and no one had told them. I suppose this is where I got in trouble. I turned to my lead and said "This is a management nightmare. This needs to be dealt with. Someone must tell Employee X that they have been terminated."

and they said "ok... can you do it?". and I did. it was messy, touchy, and an incident that I will place on my employee review as an indicator of career maturity. but here is the odd part for me, besides the part where I remember thinking "This is how people get shot!". The odd part is that as I was escorting Employee EX out of the building, I kept thinking of that scene from the movie "Monster's Ball" where Heath Ledger and Billy Bob Thornton, as prison guards, are taking a death row inmate on his "last walk" to the execution. In the movie, Heath Ledger gets nervous and pukes. Billy Bob gets mad at him for disrespecting a man's last walk.

i'm not sure that there is anything respectful about an unexpected termination. It really reminded me of an angst-y high school break up.


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