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sally struthers

i think that trying to lose weight moves you into a crazy frame of mind.

i have a wedding coming up, so I figure losing 5 lbs can't hurt.
"10 lbs" says the lolm.
"I would be underweight then, honey" I point out
"you'll be great!" says the loml, happily ignoring the fact that this will cause smaller boobs and my getting sick more often.

so, whatever.. I've been doing 40 minutes of cardio everyday, with weight exercises (cause they are good for building strong bones, as per my doctor).

this morning after taking a shower, I was getting ready to go get lunch. and I pass up this Ritz crackers and cheese handisnack on the counter. I am not a fan of pre-packed items because they generate more waste and cost more than purchasing in bulk. The loml is with all this but his office buys them for free so here they are, in the house, tempting me.

I have a huge weakness for cheese and its cousin cheese-food, and its step-cousin processed cheese.

It didn't take much. I'm hungry, I love cheese and its relatives, and I don't believe in angsting. So I ate it. All experienced dieters know what happened next.

remorse. As I was enjoying the last cracker, I thought "What have I just eaten???" and I dashed to the computer to look up the nutritional info (which was NOT listed on the package - WAS THIS A SIGN??) I hit up the nabisco website (cause they own everything) and finally found the damn things. 100 calories! fewww....



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