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should i stay or should I go now?

I stopped working today. After lunch, I decided to run an errand and then went home, instead of going back to work. and once I got home, I set up my laptop and decided it would be much nicer to just read a book instead. so I did.

I made a quick pitstop in "work-land" when I joined a 4pm conference call, and the one thing that stood out in my mind was the incredible waste of time it was. I was there to verbally communicate everything that I had already communicated via e-mail. After the second time, I just said "I sent you and mr.y an e-mail about this already." and the third time, again "This was also in the e-mail I sent you".

the only change I got was a "I know you sent an e-mail about this but do you have anything to add?"... at which point I got to say "no".

This is progress??

I added a countdown timer on my webpage. Its a countdown to my death, as per some statistical calculation. Its supposed to motivate me to get on with my life, but as far as I can tell, its just counting my death.


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