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October 1, 2007

i love me some football

boy, sports sure are wonderful. I used to play sports but now, I find myself tied up with little things, like a job, family, and silly little activities that take up my time. but its ok. I can still get that great sense of anticipation and belonging by watching a game on television. Just watching other people sweat and maneuver.. wow, its almost just like I'm doing it myself. and with all these great tv networks, i can just sit on the couch and watch a game. multiple games actually, there seems to be no shortage of fantastic television just allowing me to sit down and enjoy. for hours even... yep, I sure love sports.

October 2, 2007

set it and forget it

I'm afraid this is going to be another love letter to Denise Austin.

I don't enjoy working out; at times, I barely enjoy working. but with Denise, its different. Her inane patter on the topic of the day ("no eating before bed, now!") is soothing to me as listening to rain. For Denise, I gladly keep exercising through the commercial break, even if she isn't "watching" me. Because I know, that if I just keep trying, I will:
- burn more butter!
- look great from behind!
- trim those saddlebags!
- have great arms!

and at the end, I can pat myself on the back. I did great.

the donna reed effect

I may be going crazy (again) but I think I just learned something from the television.

I love the loml but lately, I've been snapping at him for things. It seems like his commentary has been kind of critical lately and I've been responding badly. A long time goal of mine (and everyone else in America) has been to be healthier. You know, more toned, less body fat, blah blah, dallas cowboy cheerleader, etc.. and I don't know what happened but we were having this normal conversation about my day, over lunch, and then the loml says "You could go work out".

(see, as I type this, I now realize how irrational I was, oh the shame).

now he says that, but what I hear is this:
"you are so lazy and I think your ass is growing. why aren't you working out?"

so I get miffed, and start insisting that I am NOT overweight. The loml just points out that he's being supportive of my goals and I say thank-you and good-bye. Now I go home and I am pissed, for like 20 minutes. and I start calming down and figure, I should go work out. BUT, I am determined to hate every minute of it, cause what right does a man have to tell me to go work out. I look great already dammit!

I belong to one of those women-only gyms. and if I didn't, what happened next, would never have happened. I am doing some leg curls and one of the women on the treadmill turns on one of those ridiculous reality shows - Dr.Phil's MAN Camp for Newlyweds. Normally, I could give two shits about people in dysfunctional relationships... no wait, that is complete lie, I hopped on the adjacent treadmill to watch the drama.

and boy, was there some god-awful stuff on. They made three couples live in a house together and one of the husbands was an abuser. Don't get me wrong, all these couples were abusive in some way, but this guy was a classic abuser. He'd isolate his wife, threaten her consistently, and demean her all the time. At this point, there were three of us watching from the gym and we completely agreed that they needed to get divorced, but I digress.

I think you can see where this is going. I don't want to end up on the Dr. Phil show! no wait, that's not quite it. The loml is a wonderful supportive man, and I need to recognize that.

the cherry on the cake was catching an episode of "who's wedding is it anyway?" and let me tell you, after watching these psychos "these flowers are not purple enough! My shoes are not ivory, they are bronze! I want a new wedding location with only 6 weeks notice!"

I'm just glad I'm sane.

we all live in a yellow submarine

I'm a huge fan of 'Project Runway', so naturally I've been watching Tim Gunn's Guide to Style. One funny thing about the show is that Tim has a very low tolerance for bad fashion. One day, I suspect he'll snap while trying to help someone. but this is besides the point.

Sometimes, a motivational coach will come on the show to help the fashion victim work her way into a positive headspace. "When you walk, there should be music in your head! People will look at you and think 'there is a woman walking with style!' ". Well, I thought this was fine advice. After all, attitude is a great accessory. So I tried it.. and you know what happened? (of course you don't).

For three straight days, the song running through my head was 'Gimme More'.. yeah, the Britney "what about her kids" Spears single. Amazing. and on day four, it was the soundtrack to the Mortal Kombat movie.

dammit, I have no idea what this says about my style.

October 9, 2007

all you need is love

actually, good planning goes a long way.

I got married. I don't like blogging about general life gushy-ness cause I think these are the kinds of things that are only interesting to the specific people.. However, I did learn some things which I would like to share:

1) planning always helps
2) good help is hard to find
3) it is never all about just you
4) waffle house hash browns are best with just cheese, onion, and tomato. (That's scattered, smothered, covered, and diced I believe.. Don't get them peppered. those jalepenos are really just too much)

ok - i'm taking a break now.

October 21, 2007

no matter where you go...

...there you are. That's what Peter Weller said in "The Adventures of Buckaroo Bonzai Across the 8th Dimension". If you haven't seen this excellent cult classic yet, don't bother. It came out in 1984 and it is now too late for you (loser), so don't bother. Now then, on with the outrage.

I was recently on a long vacation in Tahiti. The islands are gorgeous, the fish are very pretty, and I built up a spectacular tan (with matching tan line). One thing I figured would happen is that my brain would dissolve into all-loving mush as I relaxed into the sand. However, (and I did know better), reality did intrude somewhere along my flight back home.

The loml had booked us in Business class on the way home and it was fly! Seats were great, drinks were happening, tasty food was abundant. In the midst of all this, I went to powder my nose.

So there I was, in the WC, minding my business, when I see and hear the door being thumped on. The door is locked, this lav is occupied and I figure the situation will resolve itself. But no, now the door handle is twitching about as if the door might, just might, open, if worked on enough.

I had it.

I slammed on the door, hard, twice, just like I would've liked to have beaten the head in of whatever social neanderthal was molesting the outside of my stall. How can we call ourselves advanced when there are living members of society who are too inept to understand that the little red symbol means 'no' and a locked door means 'give it up already'? Either way, the interference ended and I spent the next minute peacefully washing my hands. I then left the bathroom and bestowed a graceful smile at the person waiting... Wouldn't want them to think I was some kind of maniac.

October 23, 2007

my husband

immediately after I got married, people would often ask me if I felt "married". and I would say "ehh... maybe a little" or something like that.

on the honeymoon, i didn't feel particulary married but I did get to use the phrase "my husband" a lot. For example:
"My husband and I are vegetarians so the polynesian buffet will not work for us."
"My husband will be here in a moment, officer, I swear!"

but not til we got home, did I feel married. I took a couple of days off from work so that I could "recover from jet lag". Here is how it went:

Day 1: I made dinner, complete with desert. Only when the loml came home, did I realize I forgot to greet him at the door with a beer. Damn you, Donna Reed!
Day 2: I cleaned the house and took care of the cats. At which point I realized, house-wifing is not for me. During a cleaning break, I caught part of a documentary about Wal-mart. I always knew they were bad, but evidently they don't provide substantial employee benefits. Their policy is for employees to utilize state and federal programs (like health care and nutritional programs for babies) for that purpose. Of course, I was outraged and realized that if i did try to be a housewife, I'd probably spend more time campaigning about things like wal-mart being evil.

so there you have it, I'm going back to work tomorrow to spare others the effects of my having spare time.

Also, if my husband reads this: Honey, can you pick up some brown sugar from the store? I want to make cookies.

October 26, 2007


I admit, I had one nasty blog entry written up. It was all about how the field of human factors/usability attempts to design for intuitiveness but sometimes targets adaptability instead. For example: the ipod is not intuitive but is very easy to learn how to use. I had a friend who, during the first week of iPod ownership, had no idea how to use the wheel mouse. But once I demo-d for him, was off like a house on fire.

Anywho - my blog entry got nuked. I was on public transit, blogging via my phone, while some guy was attempting (miserably) to hit on me, and somewhere during disembarking, my entry got nuked. oh well.

so... what now? well, i can't think of one decent thing that i learned today that i would bother to repeat. but I'll try. One of my co-workers had breast cancer a couple of years ago. After coming back to work from chemo, she had some real good zen attitude going on. After a few months (when her hair had grown back), I asked her why work didn't drive her nuts. And she indicated that, after cancer, work problems weren't really so bad.

well, flash forward to today... I talked to her about some work stuff and I swear to jebus, she would have nailed me with a blunt object had the opportunity presented itself. Not so much because of anything I did, but more due to corporate america suck. This occurred in front of my manager, and I told him later that it seemed like my co-worker had lost her perspective.

that must be some kind of metric right? Only two years in company X to forget cancer?

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