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I admit, I had one nasty blog entry written up. It was all about how the field of human factors/usability attempts to design for intuitiveness but sometimes targets adaptability instead. For example: the ipod is not intuitive but is very easy to learn how to use. I had a friend who, during the first week of iPod ownership, had no idea how to use the wheel mouse. But once I demo-d for him, was off like a house on fire.

Anywho - my blog entry got nuked. I was on public transit, blogging via my phone, while some guy was attempting (miserably) to hit on me, and somewhere during disembarking, my entry got nuked. oh well.

so... what now? well, i can't think of one decent thing that i learned today that i would bother to repeat. but I'll try. One of my co-workers had breast cancer a couple of years ago. After coming back to work from chemo, she had some real good zen attitude going on. After a few months (when her hair had grown back), I asked her why work didn't drive her nuts. And she indicated that, after cancer, work problems weren't really so bad.

well, flash forward to today... I talked to her about some work stuff and I swear to jebus, she would have nailed me with a blunt object had the opportunity presented itself. Not so much because of anything I did, but more due to corporate america suck. This occurred in front of my manager, and I told him later that it seemed like my co-worker had lost her perspective.

that must be some kind of metric right? Only two years in company X to forget cancer?


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