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my husband

immediately after I got married, people would often ask me if I felt "married". and I would say "ehh... maybe a little" or something like that.

on the honeymoon, i didn't feel particulary married but I did get to use the phrase "my husband" a lot. For example:
"My husband and I are vegetarians so the polynesian buffet will not work for us."
"My husband will be here in a moment, officer, I swear!"

but not til we got home, did I feel married. I took a couple of days off from work so that I could "recover from jet lag". Here is how it went:

Day 1: I made dinner, complete with desert. Only when the loml came home, did I realize I forgot to greet him at the door with a beer. Damn you, Donna Reed!
Day 2: I cleaned the house and took care of the cats. At which point I realized, house-wifing is not for me. During a cleaning break, I caught part of a documentary about Wal-mart. I always knew they were bad, but evidently they don't provide substantial employee benefits. Their policy is for employees to utilize state and federal programs (like health care and nutritional programs for babies) for that purpose. Of course, I was outraged and realized that if i did try to be a housewife, I'd probably spend more time campaigning about things like wal-mart being evil.

so there you have it, I'm going back to work tomorrow to spare others the effects of my having spare time.

Also, if my husband reads this: Honey, can you pick up some brown sugar from the store? I want to make cookies.


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