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no matter where you go...

...there you are. That's what Peter Weller said in "The Adventures of Buckaroo Bonzai Across the 8th Dimension". If you haven't seen this excellent cult classic yet, don't bother. It came out in 1984 and it is now too late for you (loser), so don't bother. Now then, on with the outrage.

I was recently on a long vacation in Tahiti. The islands are gorgeous, the fish are very pretty, and I built up a spectacular tan (with matching tan line). One thing I figured would happen is that my brain would dissolve into all-loving mush as I relaxed into the sand. However, (and I did know better), reality did intrude somewhere along my flight back home.

The loml had booked us in Business class on the way home and it was fly! Seats were great, drinks were happening, tasty food was abundant. In the midst of all this, I went to powder my nose.

So there I was, in the WC, minding my business, when I see and hear the door being thumped on. The door is locked, this lav is occupied and I figure the situation will resolve itself. But no, now the door handle is twitching about as if the door might, just might, open, if worked on enough.

I had it.

I slammed on the door, hard, twice, just like I would've liked to have beaten the head in of whatever social neanderthal was molesting the outside of my stall. How can we call ourselves advanced when there are living members of society who are too inept to understand that the little red symbol means 'no' and a locked door means 'give it up already'? Either way, the interference ended and I spent the next minute peacefully washing my hands. I then left the bathroom and bestowed a graceful smile at the person waiting... Wouldn't want them to think I was some kind of maniac.


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