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the donna reed effect

I may be going crazy (again) but I think I just learned something from the television.

I love the loml but lately, I've been snapping at him for things. It seems like his commentary has been kind of critical lately and I've been responding badly. A long time goal of mine (and everyone else in America) has been to be healthier. You know, more toned, less body fat, blah blah, dallas cowboy cheerleader, etc.. and I don't know what happened but we were having this normal conversation about my day, over lunch, and then the loml says "You could go work out".

(see, as I type this, I now realize how irrational I was, oh the shame).

now he says that, but what I hear is this:
"you are so lazy and I think your ass is growing. why aren't you working out?"

so I get miffed, and start insisting that I am NOT overweight. The loml just points out that he's being supportive of my goals and I say thank-you and good-bye. Now I go home and I am pissed, for like 20 minutes. and I start calming down and figure, I should go work out. BUT, I am determined to hate every minute of it, cause what right does a man have to tell me to go work out. I look great already dammit!

I belong to one of those women-only gyms. and if I didn't, what happened next, would never have happened. I am doing some leg curls and one of the women on the treadmill turns on one of those ridiculous reality shows - Dr.Phil's MAN Camp for Newlyweds. Normally, I could give two shits about people in dysfunctional relationships... no wait, that is complete lie, I hopped on the adjacent treadmill to watch the drama.

and boy, was there some god-awful stuff on. They made three couples live in a house together and one of the husbands was an abuser. Don't get me wrong, all these couples were abusive in some way, but this guy was a classic abuser. He'd isolate his wife, threaten her consistently, and demean her all the time. At this point, there were three of us watching from the gym and we completely agreed that they needed to get divorced, but I digress.

I think you can see where this is going. I don't want to end up on the Dr. Phil show! no wait, that's not quite it. The loml is a wonderful supportive man, and I need to recognize that.

the cherry on the cake was catching an episode of "who's wedding is it anyway?" and let me tell you, after watching these psychos "these flowers are not purple enough! My shoes are not ivory, they are bronze! I want a new wedding location with only 6 weeks notice!"

I'm just glad I'm sane.


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