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we all live in a yellow submarine

I'm a huge fan of 'Project Runway', so naturally I've been watching Tim Gunn's Guide to Style. One funny thing about the show is that Tim has a very low tolerance for bad fashion. One day, I suspect he'll snap while trying to help someone. but this is besides the point.

Sometimes, a motivational coach will come on the show to help the fashion victim work her way into a positive headspace. "When you walk, there should be music in your head! People will look at you and think 'there is a woman walking with style!' ". Well, I thought this was fine advice. After all, attitude is a great accessory. So I tried it.. and you know what happened? (of course you don't).

For three straight days, the song running through my head was 'Gimme More'.. yeah, the Britney "what about her kids" Spears single. Amazing. and on day four, it was the soundtrack to the Mortal Kombat movie.

dammit, I have no idea what this says about my style.


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