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November 4, 2007

tell me why?

I spent some time these last few days eating chocolate. not a lot, but I did have a piece (or three!) every day for the last 5 days. and this is what I wonder. Why do they place the wrapper on a bar of chocolate, such that opening the wrapper reveals the back of the bar?

the 'front' is what I consider the molded pretty side, so why is the wrapper opening on the back? huh? why?? Why??? well - a quick google search failed to edify me, so I'll have to live with the torment of not knowing.

tiny thoughts from a tiny mind.

November 5, 2007

watcha watcha want

ok. this morning, I missed the bus. I saw it blow by as I was 20 yards from the stop, which sucked. especially since there was no one else there, which meant the other bus on this route had also passed. which meant more suck since the next bus I knew about would be another 30 minutes.

it was kinda chilly this morning and I don't really dress to hang out in the cold, more like to flee it. so for a second I considered calling the loml and asking him for a ride to work. at which point I realized that I had been bad (that extra 5 minutes rolling around in bed really cost me) and now I was just going to have to deal with it.

ok.. dealing with it. I spent a quick 3 minutes looking up the bus schedule on my phone only to determine that my local transit service doesn't care about mobile phone access. its only been 3 minutes out of 30. I look for something to blame but its just me and I don't think I need that this morning. might as well have a zen morning at the bus stop and not think about the breakfast I have stowed at work.

I settle down with happy thoughts (cold air is good for me!), and a lifestyle organization book ('gtd' for those of you who are interested).

and then, the bus came.

November 6, 2007

making me crazy

i used to work with this guy, who when he got frustrated with people at work, would take a phone receiver and beat up the desk with it. (and if you are reading this, this'll be the first time I've referenced you). I'd be sitting in my cube and over the walls a noise would erupt, "bam bam bam BAM"! and that would be it.

I thought things were going well at work. I smiled at all the people I talked to, and I never really got angry.. i think. When my last last conference call was over, I was agreeing with a co-worker that it had been a pretty good call, which was fortunate because if it hadn't been, I'd been planning on hanging up.

and i suppose what has ocurred is a dissociative break down in my work ethic. I have tried and failed to cope with the situation and have now resorted to avoidance techniques. This must be how things become management issues.

well thank goodness the holiday season is coming up. now that is something to look forward to.

November 7, 2007

don't get me wrong now

I don't want to idealize the small business owner. However, there are some serious problems that we all contribute to when we patronize large chain establishments, the largest being that the employees tend not to care when things aren't going well.

I went to lunch at a new opening of a franchise pizza joint. They had some great items on the menu but when I tried to order one of them, I was informed that I could have the pizza that was already available and they would heat it up for me. Hello?!? What pizza joint operates like this? but whatever, I decide to continue the experience and get the pizza that is available. It comes up, its pretty good (and economical) and I'm munching away. As I look around, I can see a couple of examples of customer misery occurring, so its going to be one of those lunches.

Mainly, there is a party of four, two of whom got the 'available' pizza and they other two who had ordered calzones. But it seems that calzones have to be cooked for about 10 minutes, and no one was happy. And who can blame them; no one likes watching food that you can't eat while its getting cold.

Sure, sure, we can always blame the customers for not figuring this would've happened, but I'd rather blame the store for its contribution to this lunch time misery, and I doubt those people are coming back.

but to my point, I'd like to believe that people who actually cared about what was going on would change things. I know an italian franchise down the street that has their entire menu pre-cooked and they heat everything up. So what's up with these losers?

November 8, 2007

in case you were wondering

I think that none of us can ever express what our jobs are like so that others understand. Really, you have to experience it for at least 3 months before you "know". but I thought this was kind of fun so I will share...

Last week, our department got an e-mail stating that there would be a building surveyor walking through our site. The purpose was to survey how many cubes were in use and that no one should panic. I suppose that was the tip off, but since no one was asking me to write out what my own job requirements were as part of the survey, I didn't pay much attention.

Sure enough, at the start of the week, a strange man showed up with a clipboard and started walking through our cube farm. The first few times he buzzed my cube, I was glad that I was actively working on something. Who knows what is on his clipboard form.

but strangely enough, after the first day.. he didn't go away. In fact, its been four days now and I've gotten used to him walking around, frequently. Yesterday, I actually talked to him. He was looking at my name plate and I was explaining to him that I had a name change, so if he was looking me up, there might be a discrepancy in the system. And then he told me. He didn't care what my name was, he was just interested in my cube number.

What a dummy I was! It took me four days to realize that this guy is walking through our cubes, multiple times a day, to track when we are actually inside them! I'm not sure he even tracks what we are doing, as long as we are actually sitting in them. Which is worrisome to me, since about 60% of my area is deserted a majority of the time. And honestly, I am not sure what people are doing.

So we'll see what happens.. I might find myself on the wrong end of the averages.. of course, if I had a car, I might not be sitting in my cube all day either.

November 11, 2007

man dreams of leaving...

... so he always stays behind.

things I am thinking about right NOW!:
- green housing (and I don't mean for growing plants)
- verizon installers who cause house fires when they accidently drill into the electrical system.
- the amount of people who's jobs don't contribute to society (most of the people I know support the interweb)
- buying a vehicle so I can haz a new toy

November 13, 2007

the measure of a man

I got to work early this morning because I had to facilitate a meeting. After a while, the meeting ran off on its agenda and I started to become disengaged. Many people start multi-tasking at this point but I like to pay attention if I can.

So I started off doing some yoga but after a while people started walking through so I had to switch to a yo-yo. (note* these are great activities because you can still listen to your call). So I am yo-yo-ing, remembering some tricks that I used to know and working on them. I can do a few basic ones, like 'spank the baby', 'shotgun', 'round the world', 'hop the shoulder' and the 'flying saucer'... (i swear those are the names).

and then i remember that I can't 'walk the dog' worth a damn. It makes me wish I had a video camera hooked up to the computer because seeing this is nothing less than pathetic. We all remember 'walk the dog' right? Its that one where you sleep the yo-yo and then run it along the floor before pulling it back up. My 'walk the dog' is more like 'hit the floor'.

I am no smothers brother.

on a side note, check out this piece of geekiness: cell-phone pen

the craft movement

I don't know about you, but I love making things..

My recent endeavors have been in the area of cross stitch, jewelry making, and cat furniture. I will take this moment to brag about the beautiful framed cross-stitching of a seashore scene currently decorating my desk. It has the words "Eat Me" embroidered on it. And I had a lot of fun making it too.

Anyway, I was reading an article about the "arts & craft" movement that occurred at the end of the 19th century. To quote the article (author Ulla-Maaria Mutanen, Craft Vol. 5):

"At a time when industrialization and minimum-quality mass production were booming, a group of artists and designers, activist William Morris among them, issued a call for the revival of the lost spirit of crafting in design, for a return to simplicity, sincerity, good materials, and sound workmanship."

I know I feel that way right now.

November 14, 2007

i love hollywood

i have a thing for netflix... to be more specific, I have a thing for bad movies, so really my thing for netflix is more like how a druggie likes their dealer.

but anyway, I hear a lot of my friends complaining sometimes about how they have to wait for the latest, just-released DVDs from netflix. but for me its like heaven. I get to watch Andy Lau in cheesy love stories from hong-kong, the russian sci-fi blockbuster of 2004, and terrible movie adaptations of playstation games. if all that didn't make it clear, then I must tell you that I thought Mortal Kombat II was even better than the first Mortal Kombat movie. and no, the loml won't watch any of these with me.

so there is never any wait due to demand for the movies that I want to watch. What I get is wait due to lack of demand. For some reason, Netflix seems to be in no rush to purchase the second season of some wacky japanese anime, or the sequel to said russian blockbuster. But outside these rare occurrances, the movies in my queue are usually so old that I tend to catch them playing on TNT before I get them in the mail.

Like tonight for example: I'm watching Resident Evil: Apocalypse on cable, which is in my queue somewhere. This movie rocks! and so does Mia Jovovich! Does the awesomeness never end???

November 17, 2007

Turkey week

ok mom, I am telling you now. I don't think you should read this entry. I mean it.

So as most of us are aware, we are heading into turkey week. Not sure what this means to everyone, but I am sure a majority of us are heading for days of family and food filled fun. Sometimes I wonder what people visiting from other countries think is going on. If you watch the television, this is the where the lampooning of american society starts. Just look at all those movies with the griswolds.

So today my family stopped by for a visit and my sister came over to say hi. After giving everyone a hug, my grandmother launches a missle, "So, how big are you?"

and my sister stops for a moment and says, "What do you mean?"

now, I'm not going to detail the rest of this conversation, suffice to say that at some point my sister left and did not come back, while my grandmother chortled about the fact that my mother has missed out on the part where the "teasing" had occurred.

but this is the part that gets me. Afterwards I was saying to the loml that I felt sorry about what had happened to my sister. But none of this stuff happens in a vacuum??? so, look to the left, look to the right, guess what? Happy Holidays...

November 18, 2007


well this is sorta sad.

Today my membership on missussmartypants.com expired. I know what you are thinking, "Why would any sane person give money to a web site named after a Missus Smarty pants?" well, I never claimed to be sane, but I'll try to explain anyway.

Its actually a website to help women dress better by taking into consideration their body shape and other things you really should've thought about before you decided to bring back the 80's in your wardrobe.

I found the site about a year ago when the makeover course I had signed up for at the community center got cancelled. I still wanted my makeover, even if I had to take advice from a webpage. and it might've taken a year but I finally learned some stuff, like:

1) You don't need all those clothes that are stuffed in the closet, especially if the main reason you bought them was to be able to do laundry less often.
2) Yes, you can wear the same outfit next week that you wore this week. Men do this all the time, you can too. No need to be unique all month.
3) Baby doll tops ONLY LOOK GOOD on size 2 or less women. Everyone else either is or will look pregnant. Just give up already and save your money.
4) Acessories make the outfit.

There was lots more, but those are the nuggets of info that were hardest to beat into my head. Especially number 2, and I had to have some bad experiences and a couple of "come to jesus" meetings before number 3 stuck.

November 20, 2007

interesting things you hear on the bus

Today the bus I normally catch blew through a little early (I saw it blow by as I was trying to get to the stop). So I got to catch the 'other' bus. My primary bus is more for commuters, the 'other' bus is a little more 'residential'. For example, it stops by the grocery store and the old people's home as part of the morning route. So today, I got to ride with people I don't normally see.

There was the man with a 24 pack of miller high life; I will assume he actually had groceries in his back pack and was not an alcoholic out for beer at 8:30am. The woman he sat next to did not give him the benefit of the doubt; she changed seats.

There were these two twenty-somethings across from me talking about what it was like to live in the suburbs. I was ignoring them until I hear one of the kids saying, "Yeah, most people around here don't know nothing...". I was marveling at the profundity of it all when he completed his statement "... unless they've been in jail or traveled."

eh? These two guys did get on in the 'bad' area of my bus route. And to explain, I live in an expensive area where growth is funded by the tech industry. Our 'bad' area consists of a school district that has low ratings and some subsidized housing, so the real estate prices are lower than the surrounding area. Which still means you have to pay $500,000 for a ugly single family home. There have been several reports of 'gangs' in the area, which I have heard from one of my co-workers and my sister who said she used to work with one of these area individuals. but back to these two guys on the bus.

So one guy is explaining that he got his job by working at a temp agency and eventually, one of his temp employers hired him on. The other guy thought that was pretty cool, since he was making $10 which was getting him nothing in this area, "I'm just trying to survive!"

And he's right. The average household income in my county is currently at $100,000. $10 an hour isn't cutting it.


oooh - if I saved the $2 i spend everyday riding the bus, i could someday pay off one of these

November 26, 2007

once, at bandcamp

Once, I went out on a 'date' with this vietnamese guy in college. He picked me up at my dorm to grab some dinner and asked me what kind of food I liked. I said "thai" and his response was to start snickering. When I asked him what the deal was, he said "you know what we say about thai food? The reason its so spicy is so that you can't taste the rotten meat". Now, I thought that was a pretty insulting thing to say and the rest of the 'date' shortly went down the toilet.

now then. I had the best lunch today. I went to the grocery store and got some fresh fruit, sandwich bread, some weird cheese (*tastes fantastic*) , flavoured tofu, onions, peppers, spinach..etc. and I made the BEST sandwich! Not to forget, I also had some great horseradish mustard on there. It kind of reminded me of those sandwiches that Dagwood would make on the Blondie comic.

my point is, a lot of people I know don't cook anything. We buy our meals. but maybe if we just started eating grocery items almost like they are, without too much fuss of preparation, we'd like our food more.

November 28, 2007


yesterday I went to hard times café. they serve a great frito pie there, which I once tried to calculate the caloric content of. but that is another boring story. anywho, I am watching the two hispanics who are working the kitchen. there isn't much of a kitchen at hard times. they have four types of chilli which they keep in giant heated cannisters and the majority of the menu goes like this:

chilli with toppings
chilli with fritos
chilli with spaghetti
coney island dogs with chilli
... you get the idea.

anyway, so I am watching the two hispanics manning the kitchen and the work uniform consists of jeans and a hard times shirt with some catchy saying. for example, "I like mine all the way, wet. try our cincinnati or terlingua red. remember the alamo"

that last one actually makes me laugh, especially if these two guys are mexican.

what would dr. suess think

I suppose this is too great of an opportunity to pass up. I must blog this event since I didn't think to camcorder it (as my co-worker pointed out).

Last night, the contractors that we hired to remodel the bathrooms, sealed up one of our cats behind a wall. oh yes.. when I came home, I only saw three out of four cats. At the time, I didn't pay too much attention as I was still working and the cats were all hiding anyway. However, after an hour, the last cat still hadn't shown up.

So the great search started. I checked in the corners, underneath appliances, went around the building with a flashlight, and eventually found myself in the bathroom, staring at the new tiled shower wall that had been erected that day.

but I didn't hear anything from the wall.. I tapped a few times, called out for the cat... nothing.

so after four more rounds of checking insane house locations (inside the fridge, inside the toilet, calling through the bathroom wall, and another round outside), I gave up. I read a few webpages on how to find a lost cat and made a mental note to have the contractors rip out the bath tub the next day so that we could look inside the walls again.

and then, while sitting in bed, listening for the sounds a small fuzzy cat, I fell asleep. until...

the loml came home. as I was explaining that I couldn't find the cat, the damn thing heard his voice and started crying like she was on fire, proving she was indeed, stuck behind the wall. at which point I became the bad person who left the cat in the wall for 5 hours.


and this is the part that I should've video taped. Its an insane series of events where the loml begins tearing through the guest bathroom wall, with a hammer, and then some serious looking electric saw that I didn't even know we owned. (yes, we did call the contractors but they don't seem to answer their cell phones at 11:30pm). Eventually, we found ourselves back in the master bath, where the loml went back to the hammer and made another hole in wall, which was much closer to where the fuzzy spawn of evil had hidden herself.

There was a point where I had to restrain the loml from expanding the hole to person size; I believe he fully intended to go inside and get the cat himself. Luckily, she decided to come out herself... no doubt looking for some cat food and a better place to hang out.

and that's it. Two holes later and up one cat.

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