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don't get me wrong now

I don't want to idealize the small business owner. However, there are some serious problems that we all contribute to when we patronize large chain establishments, the largest being that the employees tend not to care when things aren't going well.

I went to lunch at a new opening of a franchise pizza joint. They had some great items on the menu but when I tried to order one of them, I was informed that I could have the pizza that was already available and they would heat it up for me. Hello?!? What pizza joint operates like this? but whatever, I decide to continue the experience and get the pizza that is available. It comes up, its pretty good (and economical) and I'm munching away. As I look around, I can see a couple of examples of customer misery occurring, so its going to be one of those lunches.

Mainly, there is a party of four, two of whom got the 'available' pizza and they other two who had ordered calzones. But it seems that calzones have to be cooked for about 10 minutes, and no one was happy. And who can blame them; no one likes watching food that you can't eat while its getting cold.

Sure, sure, we can always blame the customers for not figuring this would've happened, but I'd rather blame the store for its contribution to this lunch time misery, and I doubt those people are coming back.

but to my point, I'd like to believe that people who actually cared about what was going on would change things. I know an italian franchise down the street that has their entire menu pre-cooked and they heat everything up. So what's up with these losers?


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