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i love hollywood

i have a thing for netflix... to be more specific, I have a thing for bad movies, so really my thing for netflix is more like how a druggie likes their dealer.

but anyway, I hear a lot of my friends complaining sometimes about how they have to wait for the latest, just-released DVDs from netflix. but for me its like heaven. I get to watch Andy Lau in cheesy love stories from hong-kong, the russian sci-fi blockbuster of 2004, and terrible movie adaptations of playstation games. if all that didn't make it clear, then I must tell you that I thought Mortal Kombat II was even better than the first Mortal Kombat movie. and no, the loml won't watch any of these with me.

so there is never any wait due to demand for the movies that I want to watch. What I get is wait due to lack of demand. For some reason, Netflix seems to be in no rush to purchase the second season of some wacky japanese anime, or the sequel to said russian blockbuster. But outside these rare occurrances, the movies in my queue are usually so old that I tend to catch them playing on TNT before I get them in the mail.

Like tonight for example: I'm watching Resident Evil: Apocalypse on cable, which is in my queue somewhere. This movie rocks! and so does Mia Jovovich! Does the awesomeness never end???


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