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in case you were wondering

I think that none of us can ever express what our jobs are like so that others understand. Really, you have to experience it for at least 3 months before you "know". but I thought this was kind of fun so I will share...

Last week, our department got an e-mail stating that there would be a building surveyor walking through our site. The purpose was to survey how many cubes were in use and that no one should panic. I suppose that was the tip off, but since no one was asking me to write out what my own job requirements were as part of the survey, I didn't pay much attention.

Sure enough, at the start of the week, a strange man showed up with a clipboard and started walking through our cube farm. The first few times he buzzed my cube, I was glad that I was actively working on something. Who knows what is on his clipboard form.

but strangely enough, after the first day.. he didn't go away. In fact, its been four days now and I've gotten used to him walking around, frequently. Yesterday, I actually talked to him. He was looking at my name plate and I was explaining to him that I had a name change, so if he was looking me up, there might be a discrepancy in the system. And then he told me. He didn't care what my name was, he was just interested in my cube number.

What a dummy I was! It took me four days to realize that this guy is walking through our cubes, multiple times a day, to track when we are actually inside them! I'm not sure he even tracks what we are doing, as long as we are actually sitting in them. Which is worrisome to me, since about 60% of my area is deserted a majority of the time. And honestly, I am not sure what people are doing.

So we'll see what happens.. I might find myself on the wrong end of the averages.. of course, if I had a car, I might not be sitting in my cube all day either.


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