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interesting things you hear on the bus

Today the bus I normally catch blew through a little early (I saw it blow by as I was trying to get to the stop). So I got to catch the 'other' bus. My primary bus is more for commuters, the 'other' bus is a little more 'residential'. For example, it stops by the grocery store and the old people's home as part of the morning route. So today, I got to ride with people I don't normally see.

There was the man with a 24 pack of miller high life; I will assume he actually had groceries in his back pack and was not an alcoholic out for beer at 8:30am. The woman he sat next to did not give him the benefit of the doubt; she changed seats.

There were these two twenty-somethings across from me talking about what it was like to live in the suburbs. I was ignoring them until I hear one of the kids saying, "Yeah, most people around here don't know nothing...". I was marveling at the profundity of it all when he completed his statement "... unless they've been in jail or traveled."

eh? These two guys did get on in the 'bad' area of my bus route. And to explain, I live in an expensive area where growth is funded by the tech industry. Our 'bad' area consists of a school district that has low ratings and some subsidized housing, so the real estate prices are lower than the surrounding area. Which still means you have to pay $500,000 for a ugly single family home. There have been several reports of 'gangs' in the area, which I have heard from one of my co-workers and my sister who said she used to work with one of these area individuals. but back to these two guys on the bus.

So one guy is explaining that he got his job by working at a temp agency and eventually, one of his temp employers hired him on. The other guy thought that was pretty cool, since he was making $10 which was getting him nothing in this area, "I'm just trying to survive!"

And he's right. The average household income in my county is currently at $100,000. $10 an hour isn't cutting it.


oooh - if I saved the $2 i spend everyday riding the bus, i could someday pay off one of these


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