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making me crazy

i used to work with this guy, who when he got frustrated with people at work, would take a phone receiver and beat up the desk with it. (and if you are reading this, this'll be the first time I've referenced you). I'd be sitting in my cube and over the walls a noise would erupt, "bam bam bam BAM"! and that would be it.

I thought things were going well at work. I smiled at all the people I talked to, and I never really got angry.. i think. When my last last conference call was over, I was agreeing with a co-worker that it had been a pretty good call, which was fortunate because if it hadn't been, I'd been planning on hanging up.

and i suppose what has ocurred is a dissociative break down in my work ethic. I have tried and failed to cope with the situation and have now resorted to avoidance techniques. This must be how things become management issues.

well thank goodness the holiday season is coming up. now that is something to look forward to.


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