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once, at bandcamp

Once, I went out on a 'date' with this vietnamese guy in college. He picked me up at my dorm to grab some dinner and asked me what kind of food I liked. I said "thai" and his response was to start snickering. When I asked him what the deal was, he said "you know what we say about thai food? The reason its so spicy is so that you can't taste the rotten meat". Now, I thought that was a pretty insulting thing to say and the rest of the 'date' shortly went down the toilet.

now then. I had the best lunch today. I went to the grocery store and got some fresh fruit, sandwich bread, some weird cheese (*tastes fantastic*) , flavoured tofu, onions, peppers, spinach..etc. and I made the BEST sandwich! Not to forget, I also had some great horseradish mustard on there. It kind of reminded me of those sandwiches that Dagwood would make on the Blondie comic.

my point is, a lot of people I know don't cook anything. We buy our meals. but maybe if we just started eating grocery items almost like they are, without too much fuss of preparation, we'd like our food more.


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