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the measure of a man

I got to work early this morning because I had to facilitate a meeting. After a while, the meeting ran off on its agenda and I started to become disengaged. Many people start multi-tasking at this point but I like to pay attention if I can.

So I started off doing some yoga but after a while people started walking through so I had to switch to a yo-yo. (note* these are great activities because you can still listen to your call). So I am yo-yo-ing, remembering some tricks that I used to know and working on them. I can do a few basic ones, like 'spank the baby', 'shotgun', 'round the world', 'hop the shoulder' and the 'flying saucer'... (i swear those are the names).

and then i remember that I can't 'walk the dog' worth a damn. It makes me wish I had a video camera hooked up to the computer because seeing this is nothing less than pathetic. We all remember 'walk the dog' right? Its that one where you sleep the yo-yo and then run it along the floor before pulling it back up. My 'walk the dog' is more like 'hit the floor'.

I am no smothers brother.

on a side note, check out this piece of geekiness: cell-phone pen


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