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well this is sorta sad.

Today my membership on missussmartypants.com expired. I know what you are thinking, "Why would any sane person give money to a web site named after a Missus Smarty pants?" well, I never claimed to be sane, but I'll try to explain anyway.

Its actually a website to help women dress better by taking into consideration their body shape and other things you really should've thought about before you decided to bring back the 80's in your wardrobe.

I found the site about a year ago when the makeover course I had signed up for at the community center got cancelled. I still wanted my makeover, even if I had to take advice from a webpage. and it might've taken a year but I finally learned some stuff, like:

1) You don't need all those clothes that are stuffed in the closet, especially if the main reason you bought them was to be able to do laundry less often.
2) Yes, you can wear the same outfit next week that you wore this week. Men do this all the time, you can too. No need to be unique all month.
3) Baby doll tops ONLY LOOK GOOD on size 2 or less women. Everyone else either is or will look pregnant. Just give up already and save your money.
4) Acessories make the outfit.

There was lots more, but those are the nuggets of info that were hardest to beat into my head. Especially number 2, and I had to have some bad experiences and a couple of "come to jesus" meetings before number 3 stuck.


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