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watcha watcha want

ok. this morning, I missed the bus. I saw it blow by as I was 20 yards from the stop, which sucked. especially since there was no one else there, which meant the other bus on this route had also passed. which meant more suck since the next bus I knew about would be another 30 minutes.

it was kinda chilly this morning and I don't really dress to hang out in the cold, more like to flee it. so for a second I considered calling the loml and asking him for a ride to work. at which point I realized that I had been bad (that extra 5 minutes rolling around in bed really cost me) and now I was just going to have to deal with it.

ok.. dealing with it. I spent a quick 3 minutes looking up the bus schedule on my phone only to determine that my local transit service doesn't care about mobile phone access. its only been 3 minutes out of 30. I look for something to blame but its just me and I don't think I need that this morning. might as well have a zen morning at the bus stop and not think about the breakfast I have stowed at work.

I settle down with happy thoughts (cold air is good for me!), and a lifestyle organization book ('gtd' for those of you who are interested).

and then, the bus came.


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