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what would dr. suess think

I suppose this is too great of an opportunity to pass up. I must blog this event since I didn't think to camcorder it (as my co-worker pointed out).

Last night, the contractors that we hired to remodel the bathrooms, sealed up one of our cats behind a wall. oh yes.. when I came home, I only saw three out of four cats. At the time, I didn't pay too much attention as I was still working and the cats were all hiding anyway. However, after an hour, the last cat still hadn't shown up.

So the great search started. I checked in the corners, underneath appliances, went around the building with a flashlight, and eventually found myself in the bathroom, staring at the new tiled shower wall that had been erected that day.

but I didn't hear anything from the wall.. I tapped a few times, called out for the cat... nothing.

so after four more rounds of checking insane house locations (inside the fridge, inside the toilet, calling through the bathroom wall, and another round outside), I gave up. I read a few webpages on how to find a lost cat and made a mental note to have the contractors rip out the bath tub the next day so that we could look inside the walls again.

and then, while sitting in bed, listening for the sounds a small fuzzy cat, I fell asleep. until...

the loml came home. as I was explaining that I couldn't find the cat, the damn thing heard his voice and started crying like she was on fire, proving she was indeed, stuck behind the wall. at which point I became the bad person who left the cat in the wall for 5 hours.


and this is the part that I should've video taped. Its an insane series of events where the loml begins tearing through the guest bathroom wall, with a hammer, and then some serious looking electric saw that I didn't even know we owned. (yes, we did call the contractors but they don't seem to answer their cell phones at 11:30pm). Eventually, we found ourselves back in the master bath, where the loml went back to the hammer and made another hole in wall, which was much closer to where the fuzzy spawn of evil had hidden herself.

There was a point where I had to restrain the loml from expanding the hole to person size; I believe he fully intended to go inside and get the cat himself. Luckily, she decided to come out herself... no doubt looking for some cat food and a better place to hang out.

and that's it. Two holes later and up one cat.


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