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yesterday I went to hard times café. they serve a great frito pie there, which I once tried to calculate the caloric content of. but that is another boring story. anywho, I am watching the two hispanics who are working the kitchen. there isn't much of a kitchen at hard times. they have four types of chilli which they keep in giant heated cannisters and the majority of the menu goes like this:

chilli with toppings
chilli with fritos
chilli with spaghetti
coney island dogs with chilli
... you get the idea.

anyway, so I am watching the two hispanics manning the kitchen and the work uniform consists of jeans and a hard times shirt with some catchy saying. for example, "I like mine all the way, wet. try our cincinnati or terlingua red. remember the alamo"

that last one actually makes me laugh, especially if these two guys are mexican.


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