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whee! time for a holiday blogging.

This year, I have a dilemma. I am not particularly religious, but I love commercial christmas! I am that person who enjoys leaving the christ out of christmas, in the sense that I love watching cheesy movies like 'a smokey mountain christmas', I like listening to carols on the radio (but not in person), I love decorating with lights, and best of all are the presents!

but the loml does not like christmas trees, which really puts a cramp in my decorating style. What is the point of stringing up lights and tinsel when there is no big sparkly tree? its like missing the cherry on the top of your cake! So this year, I expressed to the loml the intention not to decorate the house. but since he could see that it made me a little sad, he authorized me to decorate with a non-christian alternative that would still celebrate the idea of "peace, good will, and presents to all wo/men".

So I just spend sometime googling for alternative seasonal decorations, and this is what I've found:

  • Festivus Poles - some company actually is cashing in on this!
  • The new year's table - much like a tree but you use a table instead and its on new year's
  • poinsettias - I am against this cause they are poisonous.. and i have nibbly cats.
  • the not-tree - lots of entries in this category. this is one example
  • decorate your living room like its a giant wacked out tree and hang ornaments from the walls.

hmm, well for a moment i was tempted to decorate the 7 foot cat tree in the living room but i don't think its good for the cats to eat tinsel.

and if the loml reads this: honey, I decorated!!!


oh boy.. ok, i went shopping with my friend nutter butter for an alternate holiday item.

and did we find something. Sitting here in my living room, I can see it as I type... a 30 inch tall tinsel holiday PENGUIN!!! and its lit up with christmas lights. AND ITS ARMS FLAP!!!

That's right! Automated flaPPing light up HOLIDAY PINGEN!

and its tastefully surrounded by one hundred chilli pepper lights.

I love the holidays.


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