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Happy New Year

It may be a few days early but now is the time. That's right, its time for resolutions.

For christmas, my cousin gave me a sweater. Which is great, because:
a) I needed a sweater
b) I am going to stop buying things that I can make myself.

Part B is going to be a little interesting because I'm pretty handy and I dislike the idea that there are things I can't do. I own a sewing machine and a dress form (courtesy of my mother). I will not buy clothes unless I can prove to myself that I can't make them.

I make my own jewelry, so no purchases there for me.

According to my records, the majority of my other purchases tend to be food items. So as usual, I will try to make sure that I don't eat out too much.

Last I checked, I've still misplaced every single pair of gloves I own. So hopefully I'll find them soon, or you're going to be reading an infuriated description of what its like to make a pair.

and no, this isn't about the money. Its about proving that I don't need to buy all the things that society says I need to buy.


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