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i hate mario

Today I came home to three cats. To be exact, I came home to one cat and had to look for the others... at which point I found two. So when we combine all these magic numbers, I was down one cat. Which if you read the last blog entry, can be an issue.

However, I didn't panic as the contractors where still installing a bath tub and making a horrendous racket. There was no way that cat #4 was sticking its head out with this amount of noise. so I settled down with a mini eggplant parm sammich and a glass of wine.. a classy meal that lost a something with all the pounding and sawing noises going on. thankfully the neighbors decided to contribute by turning up their music.

after the meal, I tried to read a magazine but that didn't work out so well so I went for a classic "Super Mario Bros". Now I think those people at Nintendo are geniuses. I own a Wii and instead of forking out $50 for some crazy new game, I gave them $5 for a game that was practically worthless.

now, many of us reminisce fondly about mario. personally, I didn't own a nintendo growing up, so I just pretend to remember it fondly. and while playing it, I realize something. I SUCK at super mario brothers.

i started playing, I died. I wondered if the contractors recognized the sounds, I died. I realized that I need to work on my jumping, I died some more... new game.. I thought about blogging about this, I died. I'd do pretty well and die some more. I start to realize that old mario penalizes you for screwing up and doesn't let you save anywhere. I die again. New super mario galaxy doesn't even let you die! I mean, you can lose life, but you still get to try again at the same point. arghghh!

i start questioning whether super mario brothers is actually fun. This damn game must be the biggest example of cutting edge brainwashing BS I've ever seen.

Thank god I also downloaded Lode Runner.


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