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Lady of America is no lady

So here is an embarrassing story and a PSA all in one.

Yesterday, ladies and gentleman, I discovered I had been suckered.

Last June I wanted to join a gym. The local 'Lady of America' had a special running for $29.95 a month and they were right down the street from my home. So I went in for a visit, the manager told me about the various membership options and I signed a contract with them.

Now we get to the part where, like many people, I lost motivation and fell off my work out plan. Yesterday, I decided to cancel my membership with 'Lady of America' and discovered that I was in a three-year contract. Surprise! The manager lied to me! and I didn't read through the entire contract before signing. So I spent the day calling their member services to see what I could do about it. In yet another sordid twist, the company I am really dealing with is named ABC Financial, and as per their customer service rep (if I may use the term loosely), they plan on sticking to the signed letter of agreement.

well, looks like they got me good. So after sending a polite letter informing ABC financial that I was going to report them and 'Lady of America' to the BBB, chamber of commerce, the consumerist, and every other place I can think of... all I can do now is go work out.

So if anyone reads this, please be warned 'Lady of America' will put you in a three year contract and yes, they will lie to you to get you to sign the paper.


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