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say uncle

new year's has a lot to do with resolutions and new intentions. but what no one ever seems to discuss is that there is also a lot of giving up involved. which makes sense since you can't have a new beginning without an ending. so here is what I am giving up.

I am giving up on the bus. I am going to buy a car. many people said I couldn't do it and I suppose they were right. it wasn't the winter weather that did me in though. it was my new intentions. there are so many things I want to do next year and my local bus route doesn't support that.

I want to go back to yoga classes, the fabric store, and the gym without turning the loml into a taxi driver. I want to be able to ditch work whenever I like, get a haircut, and take the cats to the vet.

so that's what i'm giving up on this year. bye-bye bus.


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