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don't call us

If you read my last blog entry, you may recall the theme being "life sucks". If you didn't read it, don't bother. I've already summarized for you (dear infrequent reader). So I don't want anyone to get the idea that I'm desperately unhappy all the time. There is something I've been trying for the past few days that has been really great and I want to share.

One night when I was particularly upset about life sucking, I grabbed my journal and made a quick entry. It was called "My perfect day". this is what I wrote down:

1. Sleep in (shocking, i know)
2. Do Yoga
3. Eat fruit for breakfast
4. Go outside - walk, read, sketch
5. make jewelry
6. prepare dinner
7. hang out

so nothing too radical, not like my previous list titled "Things to do before i get too old and feeble to have a life worth living (and may as well be dead!)". I think its important to title your lists accurately.

anyway, the last couple of days I've thought.. "Why don't I try some of the stuff on my perfect day list"? especially since those items are easier than the previous list.

and its been really cool.


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