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fat confessions

i was having a rather snide moment last week. the loml asked me if i wanted to go to a superbowl party. to which i bitchily replied "no thanks. i don't like hanging out with drunk people." *snap*

one amusing thing to note is that the previous statement is somewhat of a lie. as the loml points out, i do happen to be heading into new orleans for mardi gras and there isn't much wiggle room at that point. "no really, i looove the parades."

so as i was contemplating the small hypocrisies of my life i found myself thinking about the other things i'd done at previous mardi gras in new orleans.

i've climbed on stranger's shoulders to catch more beads.
i've peed in the middle of decorative landscaping.
i've turned down offers of free hash because i was in the middle of a road trip and didn't want to get penalized by violating the federal interstate commerce law (yes - i was a paranoid young thing).
i know there's more... once a friend and i even spotted a guy who had just climbed out of the mississippi (there was a drunken accident. no one rational goes in the river at that stage) but thats more about other people.

but the one thing i've never done, is exposed myself for beads. that's for idiots ;)

(please note* that previous statement is meant to be humorous by poking fun at myself. contrary to first bloggy impressions, i am not an idiot and you shouldn't take any of this too seriously)


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