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i am not a buddhist monk

I'm not really sure what happened to my 2008 (already? yes, i know).

i remember heading into the new year with the steely resolution to drink a lot less. and that has been panning out pretty well. today i actually chose the italian soda over wine, and I meant it.

due to my gym contract screw up, i've been working out more and sticking to my no sweets, no snacks diet.

and the cherry on my cake of wacky? i don't enjoy a lot of tv these days, and the reduction of advertising/brain-washing has only boosted my resolution to stop buying crap that i don't need. So, where does this leave me?

freakin' depressed, that's where.

i don't watch tv, i don't pig out, i don't compulsively shop. i've eliminated all sources of material self-validation and now i don't even want to drown in a river of alcoholic denial.

Life SUCKS! that's what this new-found clarity of being has led to me to discover.

and unsurprisingly enough, may also be recognized as the first of the four noble truths.


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