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mother superior

this morning I went to the gym with my parents. my mom loaned me some exercise gear and cheerfully took me to a cardio "kickboxing" class. First of all, i would like to say that the instructor was fantastic. A great combination of 'kick boxing', yoga, pilates, and ab work. Secondly, though it pains me to admit it, my mother is apparently in better shape than I am.

For the first 20 minutes, I was pretty gung-ho. I don't like it when people take a class and then slack through the motions. What's the point really? Why didn't you just stay at home if you aren't going to try?

For the next twenty minutes, I was reconsidering my enthusiastic energy expenditure. The two college-ish chicks in front of me seemed ok and I was starting to think I should have followed their half-ass examples. but I kept on chugging. Denise Austin did not raise me to be an unhappy camper.

and i will say one thing, what is up with the expanding cabbage patch crossover walking with additional punch kick combos?? It took me forever to make those moves in mortal kombat! I'm not going to get it in the next 30 seconds watching the instructor!

Finally after 45 minutes, we hit the cool-down/ab exercises! awesome! I had outlasted one of the college kid (Quitter!!!) and granted everyone else in the classes (slackers and all) absolution. While in blissful but mediocre execution of ab work, I noticed my mother totally skipping out on an entire segment! HA! HA! I was ok! youth will out! wheee! that is until I talked to her after the class. Turns out she has some physical issues that prevent her from executing that specific exercise. And her heart rate was waaay lower than mine at the 40 minute mark to boot.

well.. so much for youth, eh?


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