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well, a lot of things happened today, but somehow I only know about the things that happened to me. and when i sift through them, i can only recall a couple of things:

1) companies spend billions and billions of dollars convincing us that we are inadequate humans until we purchase their product. So I'm no longer surprised that I start feeling bad after exposing myself to the television. (the tv probably feels worse, i know). seriously, why would I pay anyone $70 for yoga pants? these are the same athletic pants I can buy for $29.99 at Target but someone stamped sanskrit on them.

2) I think I'm like one of those fish that keep dying in our fish tank! I showed up at work today. I was dressed but I still looked like ass. My hair was limp, my eyes are dull and tired looking. My voice wasn't so awesome either. and as I was slouching to the breakroom I realized that I had seen this before. This is what our fish do before they start "floating". oh crap. i don't know anything about what fish think they're doing, but I know when a fish is going to die.

upon reflection, I am still eating so there is hope for me yet.


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