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February 1, 2008

little earthquakes

I don't watch much tv. When I do, lately its been a lot of WEC cagefights (which are amazing btw). But today, since I opted out of the morning workout with mom and dad, I decided to see what was on the tube. and i saw something amazing.

Jeremy Piven's Journey of a Lifetime. The Discovery Channel's description of this show does not convey what amazingness it is. You may recall Jeremy Piven from movies like PCU, at least that's what I remember. This show has Piven on a spiritual travel through India.

Watch if you can. Its so much better than wondering about Britney Spears getting committed to a psych ward or wondering when Lindsey Lohan is going flash a nipple.

February 4, 2008

Effective Communicator and Resourceful Problem Solver

Today's posting title was submitted by the auto-complete on the computer I am using. Interesting isn't it?

I am slouching my way through today while at a delightful B&B. The hosts are wonderful and the drinks have been great. Despite all of that, I still seem to have carried some portion of my work stress with me. And I'm fairly sure its my own fault. I've been reading my work e-mail and corresponding with my co-workers about the current status of lay-offs.

So either I'm within my own rights to be a little stressed or I'm just as crazy as those people who volunteer to go on Jerry Springer. I'm not quite sure what to do about it but the stress level must go down or I will grit my teeth into powder during the night. Are drastic measures called for or should I just invest in a nite-guard? decisions decisions...

February 7, 2008

me, myself, and I

I am not a particularly charitable person (in my head). When I consider people and their behavior, my first conclusions are usually pretty miserable. I'd love to blame "Law and Order" for this but that wouldn't be fair. but can a show with 4 spin-offs be wrong?

Anyways, today I became that angry person at work that you love to ignore. And you're ignoring that person because you know, whatever it is that they are upset about, is just a fact of life. Well, for whatever reason, that was me today and I didn't realize it until people were ignoring me.

Wow. Upon writing this I hope that I never become one of those characters from "Law and Order". Nothing good ever happens to those people so I guess I should be happy about that.

February 8, 2008

the world is a vampire

I may have mentioned that I recently bought a hybrid. I do love this car and one of the fun things that many of you already know about it, is that the engine will shut off when its not needed. Like while you're at a stop light for example. I remember the first time I experienced this (when they first came out) I thought the car had died. but no, its the magic of technology.

Another interesting thing about this magical feature is who gets upset by it. I was in a human interface design class when someone pointed out that people walking behind a hybrid when its backing up, won't get a the warning of an engine noise. Its true by the way, I've 'not heard' the Prius just glide away from a stand still. And to take this a little further, I hear that some advocacy groups for blind people are also concerned about the potential impacts ( hehehehe ).

You know who else gets upset by this? My cat. I had to take my cat to the vet recently. And she's not stupid, she knows what happens every time. I try to stuff her in a box, take her for a ride in the rumbly thing, then she get a thermometer up her ass, about 10 minutes of manhandling by strangers, then back in the box. After some more rumbly travel, we go home and she's back where she belongs.

And let's get things straight. Animals are very good at picking up on habits and routines. They aren't psychic, they just observe the environment. So people, quit humanizing your animals! Watch that crazy show, "the dog whisperer", if you really need proof that you are the one screwing up your pet's life.

anyway, back to kitty. So after we are done with the vet, we're back in the car heading home. and then what happens? I hit a stop light and the engine cuts off. Kitty thinks we're home. but no, I still got 3 miles left and now the cat is freaking out because the car keeps shutting off every time I have to stop and she doesn't understand why we aren't at home.

so there you have it. Hybrid vehicles: a menace to the blind, unobservant, and my cat.

February 13, 2008

no, mister bond...

I expect to go crazy...

There are some things that I've tried in my life that I think everyone should experience. Like being a waitress, or shaving your head, or being dirty for several days straight. These are all different types of things. Waitressing shows you how people like to mix up class distinctions with your profession. Shaving your head is a one way ticket on a journey of " I can't care about what other people think", and being dirty without taking a bath is like an endurance test of accepting the nature of your own filth. It's more 'Survivor' than 'Fear Factor', that's for sure.

And no, I'm not trying out for a reality tv show. I'm trying something else. I applied for a ten day silent meditation retreat out in the mountains. Yes, the mind boggles. But here is some fun reality. I need to bring my own sleeping bag and pillows. One pillow to sleep with and another to sit on. Evidently, multiple hours of seated meditations can be hard on your ass.

Right now I'm having trouble deciding what will drive me crazy first. And while I suspect the no talking may be it, or maybe the constant sitting, it may be the organic vegetarian meals, or the 4:30 - 6 am morning meditation session... maybe the tea will suck... who knows? 'Survivor' its not, but I can't wait to find out.

February 14, 2008

what would paula do?

today, i did not get a job. it was sad because i had applied for something I thought was really cool. unfortunately, for you and me, I've been watching 'American Idol' and here is how it went down, Idol-style:

Paula: You know, you are really pretty.. and you should be happy about that.
Randy: Yeah - you are really pretty, dawg.
Paula: And we really enjoyed your performance... You have a certain.. quality that we really liked...
Simon: Look, you just aren't right for the show, ok?
Paula: But keep on singing, its something that you should be proud of...
Simon: Ok. Thank you.

Yep.. something like that. but this is what I would do, and some of it I learned from American Idol.

I will NOT hug Paula like its some kind of consolation prize.
I will mutter something pathetic to Simon, like "Call me if you change your minds..?"
I will NOT start crying about how " I just don't know what I'm going to do with my life.. This was my EVERYTHING" wahhhh.

yep.. that's that. and for what its worth. I'm rooting for that 16 year old kid they have on this year. he's amazing.

February 15, 2008


i have something here for people to try, because I've screwed this up a couple of times now and its been fantastic. Preferably for more than one person though, cause I have a stomach ache now.

Go make some chocolate lava cake. I think you know what I mean. Its the cake that has the chocolate pudding inside, so when you cut it open all the stuff comes out and then you eat it. It tastes great and its easy to make at home.. assuming you are up for melting chocolate on the stove. note* i am not posting a recipe here cause I am not 'better homes and gardens'.

Melting chocolate tastes good.
Cleaning off the bowl tastes good.
and eating cake at the end tastes even better.

but, a note. if you cook the cake too long, and 10 minutes is right on the edge of too long, you will just get a regular chocolate cake. So I highly recommend you make some kind of fruit sauce to go with the cake just in case. Raspberries are preferred but today I accidentally grabbed frozen strawberries so I had to make do.

i will give you this recipe for free:

1 cup of water, I cup of sugar, 2 cups of fruit.
mash the fruit through a sieve to get a puree without seeds. Use a spoon.
If you mash it over the pan then you can just put the water and sugar in the same pan with the puree.

boil for like 5 minutes. that's it. Pour fruity sugar goodness over cake.

Now you have to practically ruin the cake for this to taste bad. so good luck with that.

and don't eat too much cake. I've already ruined my dinner.

February 19, 2008

strangers like me

Some of you may recall my fun fun fun decision to sign up for a ten day silent meditation retreat. So here is an update on that. This evening I had the chance to talk with one of the assistant teachers for the course, let's call her Lizzy.

Lizzy was calling to go over some of the personal information that I had submitted with the application. and what kind of personal information, you may wonder? In order to apply, you have to submit a full history of physical problems, mental problems, drug use, and anything else that might cause you to have a psychotic episode during 10 days of you spending time with yourself.

So I was a little nervous when I talked to Lizzy, because I was worried that they might actually turn me away for whatever reason (maybe i wasn't spiritual enough.. who knows?) However, it seemed the purpose of this call was actually in the other direction. Lizzy was calling to warn me that I might not want to do this.

Evidently, ten days consisting of 9 hours of daily intense self examination often results in people re-experiencing events that they may not have absorbed fully the first time around. Sometimes, people get pretty upset when their unresolved issues surface. "Its just like its happening all over again. It just goes to show you that nothing ever goes away." but then perhaps sensing she might have gone a little too creepy, Lizzy followed up with "but its not always bad. Sometimes people just laugh and laugh. Its really quite amazing."

oh, is it?

well, I'm still in. so we'll see how it goes.

February 27, 2008


First of all, I would like to note that I am on vacation, hence the title - so updates are going to be sparse. Secondly, I would like to declare (for those of you who don't know) that the loml is fantastic. He just invested in Red Carpet Club, which coupled with his Premier exec status has now elevated air travel (for me) back into the vaunted high class experience that it used to be. I felt positively under-dressed as we helped ourselves to cheese, crackers, and beverages in the oh-so-nice lounge (and the candy - how could I forget). And now that I've established that air travel really doesn't have to suck (if you pay more), on to the suck at hand.

A friend send me a link to a news item about a woman dying on an American Airlines flight. He was outraged, "its just horrible!" The woman was elderly, not feeling well, and had requested oxygen from the stewardess. At first the stewardess refused but after further discussion with the captain, they attempted to administer oxygen. However, the tank was empty and so was the other one they had. The woman died and her last words were, "I can't breath."

My first thoughts were pretty uncharitable, "This is American Airlines.. I am soo not surprised." I will side track a little and tell you that my sister and I have sworn to never fly them again after several years of consistent delays and being bumped from over-booked flights.

But back to point (who's existence at this time, is pretty questionable). This story brings a couple of things to mind. Firstly, that people die on air planes more often than you would suspect. Some airlines even keep a body container on their international flights for this purpose, otherwise they have to keep the corpse wrapped up in a first class seat or something. Yes, I swear its true.. go look it up if you don't believe me.

Secondly, I wonder if its right to feel any outrage about this. People die, especially old people. And if it hadn't happened on the plane, it would have happened somewhere else, some other way. There is no way that this woman, or any one else is going to make it out alive with their clothes, pets, friends, family. or anything else. zip. zilch.

no, no ipod shuffle either.

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