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Effective Communicator and Resourceful Problem Solver

Today's posting title was submitted by the auto-complete on the computer I am using. Interesting isn't it?

I am slouching my way through today while at a delightful B&B. The hosts are wonderful and the drinks have been great. Despite all of that, I still seem to have carried some portion of my work stress with me. And I'm fairly sure its my own fault. I've been reading my work e-mail and corresponding with my co-workers about the current status of lay-offs.

So either I'm within my own rights to be a little stressed or I'm just as crazy as those people who volunteer to go on Jerry Springer. I'm not quite sure what to do about it but the stress level must go down or I will grit my teeth into powder during the night. Are drastic measures called for or should I just invest in a nite-guard? decisions decisions...


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