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i have something here for people to try, because I've screwed this up a couple of times now and its been fantastic. Preferably for more than one person though, cause I have a stomach ache now.

Go make some chocolate lava cake. I think you know what I mean. Its the cake that has the chocolate pudding inside, so when you cut it open all the stuff comes out and then you eat it. It tastes great and its easy to make at home.. assuming you are up for melting chocolate on the stove. note* i am not posting a recipe here cause I am not 'better homes and gardens'.

Melting chocolate tastes good.
Cleaning off the bowl tastes good.
and eating cake at the end tastes even better.

but, a note. if you cook the cake too long, and 10 minutes is right on the edge of too long, you will just get a regular chocolate cake. So I highly recommend you make some kind of fruit sauce to go with the cake just in case. Raspberries are preferred but today I accidentally grabbed frozen strawberries so I had to make do.

i will give you this recipe for free:

1 cup of water, I cup of sugar, 2 cups of fruit.
mash the fruit through a sieve to get a puree without seeds. Use a spoon.
If you mash it over the pan then you can just put the water and sugar in the same pan with the puree.

boil for like 5 minutes. that's it. Pour fruity sugar goodness over cake.

Now you have to practically ruin the cake for this to taste bad. so good luck with that.

and don't eat too much cake. I've already ruined my dinner.


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