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no, mister bond...

I expect to go crazy...

There are some things that I've tried in my life that I think everyone should experience. Like being a waitress, or shaving your head, or being dirty for several days straight. These are all different types of things. Waitressing shows you how people like to mix up class distinctions with your profession. Shaving your head is a one way ticket on a journey of " I can't care about what other people think", and being dirty without taking a bath is like an endurance test of accepting the nature of your own filth. It's more 'Survivor' than 'Fear Factor', that's for sure.

And no, I'm not trying out for a reality tv show. I'm trying something else. I applied for a ten day silent meditation retreat out in the mountains. Yes, the mind boggles. But here is some fun reality. I need to bring my own sleeping bag and pillows. One pillow to sleep with and another to sit on. Evidently, multiple hours of seated meditations can be hard on your ass.

Right now I'm having trouble deciding what will drive me crazy first. And while I suspect the no talking may be it, or maybe the constant sitting, it may be the organic vegetarian meals, or the 4:30 - 6 am morning meditation session... maybe the tea will suck... who knows? 'Survivor' its not, but I can't wait to find out.


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