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strangers like me

Some of you may recall my fun fun fun decision to sign up for a ten day silent meditation retreat. So here is an update on that. This evening I had the chance to talk with one of the assistant teachers for the course, let's call her Lizzy.

Lizzy was calling to go over some of the personal information that I had submitted with the application. and what kind of personal information, you may wonder? In order to apply, you have to submit a full history of physical problems, mental problems, drug use, and anything else that might cause you to have a psychotic episode during 10 days of you spending time with yourself.

So I was a little nervous when I talked to Lizzy, because I was worried that they might actually turn me away for whatever reason (maybe i wasn't spiritual enough.. who knows?) However, it seemed the purpose of this call was actually in the other direction. Lizzy was calling to warn me that I might not want to do this.

Evidently, ten days consisting of 9 hours of daily intense self examination often results in people re-experiencing events that they may not have absorbed fully the first time around. Sometimes, people get pretty upset when their unresolved issues surface. "Its just like its happening all over again. It just goes to show you that nothing ever goes away." but then perhaps sensing she might have gone a little too creepy, Lizzy followed up with "but its not always bad. Sometimes people just laugh and laugh. Its really quite amazing."

oh, is it?

well, I'm still in. so we'll see how it goes.


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