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the world is a vampire

I may have mentioned that I recently bought a hybrid. I do love this car and one of the fun things that many of you already know about it, is that the engine will shut off when its not needed. Like while you're at a stop light for example. I remember the first time I experienced this (when they first came out) I thought the car had died. but no, its the magic of technology.

Another interesting thing about this magical feature is who gets upset by it. I was in a human interface design class when someone pointed out that people walking behind a hybrid when its backing up, won't get a the warning of an engine noise. Its true by the way, I've 'not heard' the Prius just glide away from a stand still. And to take this a little further, I hear that some advocacy groups for blind people are also concerned about the potential impacts ( hehehehe ).

You know who else gets upset by this? My cat. I had to take my cat to the vet recently. And she's not stupid, she knows what happens every time. I try to stuff her in a box, take her for a ride in the rumbly thing, then she get a thermometer up her ass, about 10 minutes of manhandling by strangers, then back in the box. After some more rumbly travel, we go home and she's back where she belongs.

And let's get things straight. Animals are very good at picking up on habits and routines. They aren't psychic, they just observe the environment. So people, quit humanizing your animals! Watch that crazy show, "the dog whisperer", if you really need proof that you are the one screwing up your pet's life.

anyway, back to kitty. So after we are done with the vet, we're back in the car heading home. and then what happens? I hit a stop light and the engine cuts off. Kitty thinks we're home. but no, I still got 3 miles left and now the cat is freaking out because the car keeps shutting off every time I have to stop and she doesn't understand why we aren't at home.

so there you have it. Hybrid vehicles: a menace to the blind, unobservant, and my cat.


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