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First of all, I would like to note that I am on vacation, hence the title - so updates are going to be sparse. Secondly, I would like to declare (for those of you who don't know) that the loml is fantastic. He just invested in Red Carpet Club, which coupled with his Premier exec status has now elevated air travel (for me) back into the vaunted high class experience that it used to be. I felt positively under-dressed as we helped ourselves to cheese, crackers, and beverages in the oh-so-nice lounge (and the candy - how could I forget). And now that I've established that air travel really doesn't have to suck (if you pay more), on to the suck at hand.

A friend send me a link to a news item about a woman dying on an American Airlines flight. He was outraged, "its just horrible!" The woman was elderly, not feeling well, and had requested oxygen from the stewardess. At first the stewardess refused but after further discussion with the captain, they attempted to administer oxygen. However, the tank was empty and so was the other one they had. The woman died and her last words were, "I can't breath."

My first thoughts were pretty uncharitable, "This is American Airlines.. I am soo not surprised." I will side track a little and tell you that my sister and I have sworn to never fly them again after several years of consistent delays and being bumped from over-booked flights.

But back to point (who's existence at this time, is pretty questionable). This story brings a couple of things to mind. Firstly, that people die on air planes more often than you would suspect. Some airlines even keep a body container on their international flights for this purpose, otherwise they have to keep the corpse wrapped up in a first class seat or something. Yes, I swear its true.. go look it up if you don't believe me.

Secondly, I wonder if its right to feel any outrage about this. People die, especially old people. And if it hadn't happened on the plane, it would have happened somewhere else, some other way. There is no way that this woman, or any one else is going to make it out alive with their clothes, pets, friends, family. or anything else. zip. zilch.

no, no ipod shuffle either.


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