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what would paula do?

today, i did not get a job. it was sad because i had applied for something I thought was really cool. unfortunately, for you and me, I've been watching 'American Idol' and here is how it went down, Idol-style:

Paula: You know, you are really pretty.. and you should be happy about that.
Randy: Yeah - you are really pretty, dawg.
Paula: And we really enjoyed your performance... You have a certain.. quality that we really liked...
Simon: Look, you just aren't right for the show, ok?
Paula: But keep on singing, its something that you should be proud of...
Simon: Ok. Thank you.

Yep.. something like that. but this is what I would do, and some of it I learned from American Idol.

I will NOT hug Paula like its some kind of consolation prize.
I will mutter something pathetic to Simon, like "Call me if you change your minds..?"
I will NOT start crying about how " I just don't know what I'm going to do with my life.. This was my EVERYTHING" wahhhh.

yep.. that's that. and for what its worth. I'm rooting for that 16 year old kid they have on this year. he's amazing.


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