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Can you spare a dime

Today is for that guy who keeps trying.

I like shopping at Trader Joe's. Its a happy store and I like the items they sell. But there is that one cashier.. that one cashier who has a thing for asian chicks. and you know how I know? cause the last time I was there, the guy tried to speak to me in mandarin and I just said, "sorry". But he gave me my flowers for free, so I wasn't too miffed. (hey, what do you know? flowers do work with the ladies!)

Anyway, I went back there today and I wasn't paying a whole lot of attention and I wound up in this guy's line again. He starts checking me out (yeah, I know) and launches his opening salvo...

"soooo... you ever been to Beijing?"

and I can't believe this one, but I just say "uh, no".. but then I realize that I've completely forgotten to cruise the personal grooming section. So I say to him,

"oh, I completely forgot to buy hand soap. I'm going to need to take my basket back out there."

and he just looks at me and says "its ok. I'll wait." I can't even guess what he was thinking at this point, no wait I can guess. "the target is attempting to flee! Lock on!".

but whatever, I dash off, look at the hand soap, decide I don't want hand soap and pick up some conditioner instead. I haul back to the register where mr."you ever been to beijing" is packing up my groceries. and I have to squeeze past this woman who thinks I'm cutting in front of her.

So I hand him the conditioner, and he keeps right on going,

"Do you speak mandarin?"

And, I am just amazed with this dude. I also don't want to go through this again, so I just settle in for a minute and tell him.

"I don't speak chinese. I am not chinese. My mother is from <insert country that is NOT CHINA>" but then I relent in the name of honesty and fess up. "My mother is part chinese. So you see, I'm only sort of chinese."

and which point he hands me the groceries and we bid our adieus. And can you believe it?? He didn't give me one free item at all!


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