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how bout you?

yesterday I had the opportunity to donate blood during a trainee session. I heard all kinds of things about the donation process, like how to properly label the little plastic baggies and wrap everything up with rubber bands and stuff.

But the fun part for me was the sage advice on donors. According to the trainer, the longest part of donation is the screening process cause sometimes you get all bungeed up in what medication a person is on or whether they've been in a malaria zone. At this time, the trainer advises, you should just ask another person. Cause they probably know the answer already and you don't want to spend all day in the screening room. Also interesting to note is how to read a donor. Some donors want to talk, some donors don't. Donors like myself are "doing their own thing. She don't want to talk, see. but some people, they come in and good lord! all they want to do is talk!". at that point I thought I should say something on behalf of donors. "the one thing I don't like, is when the person who sticks me does a bad job. When blood starts shooting out, I don't like that." This made the trainee a little nervous and she started asking when she would get to practice learning how to stick a needle in a vein. Which was funny cause the trainer just fixed her with a steely look and said "there's no practice! you just do it! and if you get nervous, don't think you are going to get someone else to do it. I'll make you do it. Unless the donor starts getting that look where they are nervous about you. Then you can get someone else".


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