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sorry everest

My dear friend in CO, I will not be talking about Mt Everest today, though I said I would. Sorry about that, but I know I will get there someday. Now on to today.

I had recently become concerned that my explorations in life had gotten a little crazy. i mean things like the vermicomposting, bowel cleansing, and the ten day silent meditation retreat. But today just takes the cake.

I have a shitty acid reflux condition. On the lighter side, I'm one of those 'lucky' people who don't get the heartburn but I get some of the other stuff: increasingly transparent looking teeth because of the acid, wicked stomach pains, terrible morning breath, and odd hiccups due to pressure on some nerve in my body (yes, I did see a doctor). The doctor put me on one of the pills but like some people, I noticed that repeated use of the pill seemed to make the reflux worse. So now I only take those when I'm in serious pain.

Medical Science had failed me, so today I decided to investigate the homebrew route a.k.a. apple cider vinegar. Like many folk remedies, many people swear by it, others refuse to believe it, and others believe that apple cider vinegar will cure cancer. And I was all for it until I came across this webpage explaining that I have to use organic apple cider vinegar because it contains this enzyme known as "mother". And before I drink the vinegar, I need to shake it up a bit so that I will get enough "mother" in me and then it can do its thing.

yeah, right.. ughh... why why why. Just for once can't there be a normal way to fix things?


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