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we all pay

I'd like to thank the loml for being amazing and getting me to read new books. The latest one of which is "Forty Signs of Rain" by Kim Stanley Robinson. Robinson is a good author and I recommend. Anyway, there was this nice section in the book where one of the characters remarks that people always like to get pissed off at the government for taking part of their paycheck. We all work and work and in the end get this paycheck and all we can see is that The Man has chunked off a piece. And to do what? Build roads, support schools, and assist with healthcare??? pah!

but what the book character mentions is that there is more to it. As workers, we generate a substantial amount of revenue, and its the company that decides how much to pay us. So what we think less about, or gripe less about, is the fact that The Man who is squirreling off with the money, is really our management. The CEO for instance, with his golden parachute. So after the righteous indignation fades, I wonder.. what happens to all that money?

Sure, Management is taking some, then probably marketing (cause those shitty advertisements come from somewhere), and then there is the money to maintain and support the infrastructure, money to investigate new products, money for customer service... all so that the glorious company can continue to grow, expand, and make more money?

So the next time we order a gratuitously large machine (because its coming from some other departments budget), sneak items into our expense reports, or make bad business decisions, don't worry about it. You and I are paying for it anyway.


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