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where's my side of fries

ok. time to fess up. I've been holding out on you all.

The truth is that it takes effort to not go crazy when you're unemployed. I'm sure many people know this and yes, its true. So while I am much happier than I've been in many years (who knew work sucked this much?!), I also have to carefully plan my time out.

Today is a good example. During the weekdays, I had a pretty set schedule. Some housekeeping in the morning, a scheduled activity or two in the afternoon, and then some work for the evenings. Routine is good right? But then came the first weekend I'd ever had in this unemployment. So to make it special, I decided to toss the schedule and pretend it would be a regular weekend.

but the thing is, that it wasn't. It wasn't a regular weekend, because normally I stuff all the housecleaning and errands that I can't do during the workweek into my saturdays and sundays. When this weekend hit, I had nothing. and we all know how nature abhors a vacuum...

which leads us to now and the fessing up. I wasn't sure what to do today, so I decided that I would change my hair style. Now this is pretty standard; its an easy thing for a woman to do when she needs a change. but my hairdresser wasn't available, right when I'd decided to screw current fashion. Who needs long hair?? Let's go short short short! so then I realized, I'd have to cut my own hair.

Oddly enough, this was scary. I mean compared to the other stuff, you'd think this was small potatoes but no, it was scary. In the end I decided that I would just do bangs, and a few snips later (and one gash on a knuckle from a misplaced snip) and I'd done it. One modified haircut and not worth any of the anxiety that I had. Which meant of course that I had to keep going. So I decided maybe it was time for a new hair color. And off to the store I went. Since I no longer have a job, I can really do anything...

I'll reveal the color tomorrow.


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