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i like to work out at a little place called "Lady of America". If you haven't read my previous post on this, here is a quick summary: do NOT join this gym. ok, now back to my work out. I try to get in 20 - 40 minutes of cardio and I use the treadmills with the heart rate sensors to do it. Don't ask me to explain it but I can't take my own pulse worth a damn. The other day, the machine I was on indicated that I no longer had a pulse and refused to support my cardio work out as a result.

Well, seeing as I'm not dead, that really sucked. So I went out in search of a heart rate monitor (you know with the chest band and wrist watch receiver). I quickly realized that these things are in the same category as many little dinky pieces of consumer electronics. You just need it to do one little thing and do it well, but instead of just getting that, you can instead spend $10 more and get an extra feature. $20 more and you get 2x the features.. well, I don't play that way, so I was confidently heading for a reliable base model when I got caught. At $40 over the base price, you can get a women's heart rate monitor. Which means its more delicate looking and comes in colors like pink, avocado, and baby blue.. awwww.

hahaha - so I headed out to the local sporting goods megastore to convince myself that I really didn't need a sweet pink flower of a heart rate monitor. I had to ask a salesman to find the correct display, and as I stood there, perusing, I noticed the salesman was hovering. So I turned to him and he asked me "Is there a particular brand you are looking for?". So I say "You know how they make the monitors for women, with the different colors and everything? I wanted to see some of those."

The salesman responds, "Yeah, you women. You get all the colors with the red and blue... But men. Men.. We get.. black."

This is what I wound up buying (but I didn't pay that price).


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