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here is what my day has been like today:

1) wake up
2) stay in bed an extra 30 minutes while deciding what to do with my today
3) read "dear abby" and check e-mail
4) get dressed
5) scoop kitty litter and put away dishes
6) eat breakfast while watching a "Dork Angel" rerun, otherwise known as "Hel-lo Jessica Alba". While watching the show, it struck me how silly it was (and I thought this only happened while watching Thundercats). The action music is pretty silly and the acting ain't that great. All it needs is some of that "na-na-nanananana" noise from the bionic woman show of the 60's. but as I type this, I remember thinking the show was pretty stupid when it came out too, so no big loss there.

--- more exciting updates to come! na-nan-ananana! ---

hey, I'm back. so here is what happened next.

7) Put some laundry in
8) vacuumed the house
9) worked out at the gym: This was some kind of fun, cause right when i've settled in on the treadmill, it looks like more "Dork Angel" is on the tv. How lucky am I? Actually, it turns out I am waaaay lucky because this episode is from later on when the show officially becomes known as "Hel-lo Jensen Ackles!". Hoo-boy, who needs Micheal Weatherly when you can watch Jensen? (this is a rhetorical question).
10) Ate lunch.

--- More updates later.. looks like a dorky day so far ---


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