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sometimes its you...

Today I went on an adventure with my two friends, mr.heart-rate-monitor and mr.knee-brace. I read somewhere that adventure is just another word for almost dying, and I think today, I will agree.

I haven't run in about a decade. The closest I get to it, is in the airport, when I think I'm going to miss my connection. Even then, its probably just a quick hobbling dash. but now today, it was NICE outside. I was getting dressed for the gym when I felt really stupid about missing this delightful day. So it was decided, I was going running outside.

this simple decision got complicated really fast. I had on my little coordinated outfit, which my shoes didn't match. I found a matching hat from Lucasfilms (i have a techie hat collection) but it had no hole in the back for my pony-tail, so I had to switch to a lesser matching hat from Real (thank you honey for that hat)! I strapped on my heart rate monitor, got my knee brace.. and then I couldn't decide about the water.

Camel-pak? Carry a bottle? what to do? Thank goodness for IM, where one of my friends told me (given that it would probably be a short run) to hydrate before and after and not to worry about carrying around some water.

And off I went to the trail. I started out pretty good, other joggers were nodding hello at me, things were great... for like a minute. And then, I started getting that feeling that I usually get when I try to run.. that feeling like 'woah. i think I'm dying'. This feeling is the reason I don't run. I used to date a runner and he was always trying to get me to go out on runs with him. The one time I went, it felt like I was coughing on blood.

and lo and behold, my heart rate monitor agreed with me. Turns out I must have the worst cardio fitness EVER. I spent the rest of my time jogging slowly and then speed walking when it looked like my heart rate was heading for the max. (Mom & Dad: don't worry. I carry ID with me when I'm out there, so they'll be able to identify my corpse).

So that was it, 30 minutes of me in the suck.

I feel great.


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