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tech is sexy

Today I had the opportunity to visit my local Home Depot. I was in the process of building a siege tower for my cats (do not ask - maybe some day I will explain the hard life of a cat apologist), and I needed to purchase some lumber and an electric saw. My previous electric saw had died and sawing 45 degree angles with a hand saw only resulted in a very ugly prototype.

so there I was, in the tool section, perusing. Now, I don't take myself too seriously. I know I don't need the $200 electric wonder saw, I'm building cat furniture! And it only takes me a few seconds to spot the entry-level offering: a $30 black and decker. The only features it came with were a gel-grip handle, a clip-on case for 3 blades, and a little notched piece of plastic on the front to help you sight the line you were sawing.

oh. the excitement.

but then, for twice the price, I could get a Makita saw and it came with a laser sight! OOOOOHH! A LASER!!!

I really had to take 2 minutes to talk myself out of that one. Mainly two minutes of repeating "all I do is make cat furniture. I don't build houses, I don't even fix houses."

of course, at this point, I've finished building the siege tower. Turns out the black and decker had all the features I needed, including the ability to make angled cuts so that was nice. I'll let you all know if the cats manage to raid anything.


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