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I thought it would be good to address any potential questions readers may have about this blog. No wait, that's not true. I don't really care about the potential questions, I just wanted to make a general sort of disclaimer about what shows up on this page.

These pages are not the truth. Its not your truth, my truth, or any variation of something resembling the truth that you care to experience. You are not reading my deepest most innermost secret thoughts and feelings. These entries are not my soul and should not be used as some sort of definition of the maniac who creates them.

Wow - well that was some heavy disclaimering. I will now take a moment to say what I think this blog is:

it is a writing exercise.
it is a practice.
it is a collection of stories.
and every day was about something.

oh - and those entry titles do mean something too. but I'm not telling.

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