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how stuff happens

well, last night I was cutting my own hair and I accidentally gave myself an almost-mullet. now I know.

In honor of the occasion, I thought I would post some links because, there isn't much I can say about my hair.

a love poem

and because I can't find a decent link, here is a posting of a favourite passage from the Hua Hu Ching:
The ego is a monkey catapulting through the jungle: Totally fascinated by the realm of the senses, it swings from one desire to the next, one conflict to the next, one self-centered idea to the next. If you threaten it, it actually fears for its life. Let this monkey go. Let the senses go. Let desires go. Let conflicts go. Let ideas go. Let the fiction of life and death go. Just remain in the center, watching. And then forget that you are there.

I hope you enjoy them as I will be calling up my old hair stylist and begging for an early appointment.


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